To The One Who Feels Insignificant, Not Enough, Too Much, or Unqualified – God STILL chooses you

Let me be painfully honest.

My insecurities have been hitting me H-A-R-D lately. Eating me up from the inside out.

Trying to make peace with even the thought of gaining weight/opening myself up to a wider variety of foods has probably been the hardest part of recovery. And the anxiety of it all has really been kicking my butt – making me insanely nit-picky about my appearance and even causing me to question my worth.

But this morning I was given a sweet reminder during my quiet time with God – and it absolutely WRECKED me. In the stillness and silence of my thoughts, I heard God whisper, “daughter, you are chosen“.

Despite all my insecurites. Despite having fallen captive to the lies of the enemy. Despite having told myself over and over again that I’m not good enough – that I’ll never be enough… I. AM. STILL. CHOSEN.

Even in my mess and my struggles, God still CHOOSES me. He loves me and He wants me to know, that because I am His, I am BEAUTIFUL + WORTHY + ENOUGH. All because He has given me the ability to be! Because God CHOSE to reflect godliness in me when He made me.

God has made me a warrior. I’m not perfect, far from it actually, but God calls me WORTHY. Gracefully broken but beautifully standing. This is LOVE. This is GRACE.

To the one who feels insignificant, not enough, too much, unqualified, please believe me when I say this – you are NOT what the enemy says you are. You ARE needed. You are WORTHY. You are more than ENOUGH. You play an important role in the Kingdom of God. Don’t let the lies and deceitfulness of the enemy redefine your identity, which is found only in Christ.

Understand this. No matter who you are, where you shop, or what you weigh, GOD CHOOSES YOU. Over and over again He chooses you. He WANTS you. And He LOVES you.

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